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Bringing Holyport Together

Every penny the Holyport Community Trust raises is spent on maintaining and improving the hall and its facilities for local people. 

Recent upgrades include a fully refurbished hall floor, a new set of hall chairs, and our own cinema screening equipment to support HCT’s Holyport Cinema Club, which has been a big success. 

Our long-term aim is to completely refurbish and reconfigure the hall so that we can offer a wider range of activities, improve kitchen and toilet facilities, improve accessibility, and be far more energy efficient. For more details see Renovations at the end of this section.

This requires a huge fund-raising effort, so please help us in any way you can!


Planning permission for our renovation and extension was granted in 2019. The plans have been produced for us by local architects Christopher Chapman Associates. 

Full details can be found on the RBWM website planning website  reference 18/03299/FULL or Click here.


The Hall has served us all well for over 60 years but needs substantial investment if we want to safeguard this important community asset for future generations. Our renovations will allow us to offer far more activities than we can at present – amongst many other benefits!

How Has The Design Evolved

When we first showed the plans they received a lot of support from local residents but there were also some positive suggestions for design changes. Listening to these comments we have:

  • made the main kitchen larger
  • created more storage space
  • increased the usable floor area of the main hall

About The Proposed Design

It maintains a main hall large enough for social badminton; creates a second smaller multi-function space that can be let independently or linked in with the main hall; creates two kitchens that can serve the two main lettable spaces independently; provides space for a demountable stage and good storage; creates a new meeting room; and provides a welcoming and informal reception area.

The new design also updates the Hall’s external appearance while maintaining much of the existing structure; substantially improves energy conservation; maintains the same number of car parking spaces (46 spaces); and improves the relationship between the Hall and the play area – which we are also planning to upgrade.

Our Sponsors & Donors

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£££ Raised

A huge thank you to the following organisations who have donated to our renovations fund so far: 

Heathrow Community Trust; Baylis Trust/Maidenhead Advertiser; Holyport Preservation Society; Berkshire Community Foundation; Donnington Hospital Trust; Waitrose; Holyport Scouts; Amazon Smile; Carters Steam Fair; Maidenhead Childminders; Karen Robinson School of Dancing.

… And to the following individuals:

Anette and Peter Abrahamsen; Cllr David Coppinger; Lara Evans; Liz Hornby; David Howells; Gill Hudson; Paul and Louvaine Kneen; Sue McAuley; Effie Marinos; Roger Nilsson; Paul and Rowan Rhodes; Marysia Stone; Cllr Leo Walters; Hannah Wheeler; Robin Yeatman

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Whether you are a business keen to engage with Holyport’s thriving community, or a local resident who wants to help their village hall, becoming a sponsor is an easy and rewarding way of supporting HCT’s aim of Bringing Holyport Together. Just fill in the form here and tell us how you’d like to get involved and we’ll be back in touch as soon as we can.